Michaela Zimmer

Michaela Zimmer, 140103, 240 x 160 cm, Acryl, Lack, Spray, Foile auf Leinwand,
95 x 63 inch, lacquer, acrylic spray paint, foil on canvas, 2014

Michaela Zimmer's paintings bring the body forward as an argument. This is not necessarily visible at first, but it is palpable, because the format and interior structure of the canvases are based on the artist's height and reach. Thus a performative space is portrayed which corresponds directly with each viewer, since like Le Corbusier's Modulor, it takes man as the measure. If one engages with it, not only does a fusion of pictorial and actual space occur, the painting support and the picture also become one. For lack of a fixed source of light in the picture, the distance collapses which separates the viewer from the site of the visual experience. Instead, there is an infinite succession of reflections in a countless number of paint layers. What is specific about these canvases, characterised by a virtually incorporeal, floating chromatic space, is the fourth dimension inscribed within them; time manifested as traces of the performative between the multi-tiered, fragmented layers. 

(extract "Falsas Prospettivas" by Susanne Prinz, translation: Zoe Miller)

130606; 150 x 100 cm, Lack, Acryl, Lackspray, Folie auf Aluminium auf Leinwand
130606; 59 x 39 inch, lacquer, acrylic, spray paint, foil on aluminium on canvas 

131001; 240 x 160 cm, Lack, Acryl, Lackspray, Folie auf Leinwand. 2013
131001; 95x63 inch, lacquer, acrylic, spray-paint, foil on canvas, 2013

131002; 185 x 130 cm, Lack, Acryl, Lackspray, Folie auf Leinwand, 2013
131002; 73x51inch, lacquer, acrylic spray paint, foil on canvas, 2013

130901, 210 x 190 cm, Lack, Acryl,  Spraylack, Folie  auf Leinwand,
130901, 83 x 75 inch, lacquer, acrylic, spray paint, foil on canvas,
installationview suckstract, Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin 2013

„What we do feel is something caught. That something is a dynamic and not an object, something of great movement and energy, but there is no rhetoric of effort. Within the allowed coalescing of layers and elements, which may involve some time, there is then a certain economy and compression, centering in on a moment.
We arrive at energy, presence, completeness, and the final figures appear to have just arrived, under their own steam, fresh out of nowhere, sometimes singing.”

(Auszug aus Richard Neal, „one or two aspects of Michaela Zimmer’s paintings”, 2011)

121001-05 je 68 x88 cm, Lack, Acryl, Spraylack auf Leinwand
each 34,6 x 33,8 inch, lacquer. acrylic, spray paint on canvas,
installation view Koffer 2013

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